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The Prophet (PBUH) said, "'O young people! Whoever among you is able to marry, should marry, and whoever is not able to marry, is recommended to fast,".

Our goal is to create a platform in which we can create a network of Muslims living in Canada, the USA, and the UK so that they can easily interact and communicate with each other, with the ultimate goal of finding a spouse.

We aim to create a safe environment so that Muslims can comfortably talk to each other with Halal intentions.

We encourage people to sign up if they are seriously looking for a partner.

When you register, you can create a public profile for yourself (or anyone else) which will be visible to other registered members only. You will also gain access to other profiles which you can message if one captures your interest.


We hope that this website creates a long-lasting space to make nikah easy inshaAllah. 

It is our experience here in Canada that marriage NEVER STOPS your kids to build a career at all, rather it is helpful, If you are interested in working on this particular issue, please contact our team of passionate parents on  Facebook  group or register in our website MakeNikahEasy.com

Make Nikah Easy Our Priority

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